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Remove the JonBenet Ramsey murder case from the Boulder Police Department

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We are requesting that the Boulder Police Department turn over the JonBenet Ramsey Murder case to another non biased law enforcement entity for the following reasons:

1.) Proven lies and misleads purposely given to the media family of JonBenet by detectives who were solely focused on Ramsey guilt. Those detectives who believed in Ramsey innocence were removed from the case or forced to resign from the case if they did not adhere to the theory of Ramsey guilt.

2.) Profile DNA found on the child's panties consisting of saliva co-mingled with her blood matches touch profile found on the waist band of her thermal pants which also matches a partial sample found of skin tissue under her fingernails. DA Mary Lacy publicly exonerated the Ramsey family in 2008 and apologized for the way they were treated by both the DA's office and the Boulder Police Department.

3.) Evidence photos and case evidence were purposely hidden from experts. Photos of the house showed no snow behind the home and an opened broken basement well window, yet BPD told media to report that there was no sign of forced entry and no footprints in the snow. Dr. Doberson originally stated that the marks on her body were not that of a stun gun but changed his decision once he was shown the photo of the squared pronged marks on her back. He will now state "with a reasonable medical certainty that a stun gun caused those marks". Dr. Doberson was not given this photo in his original assessment. BPD only stated that pineapple was found in JonBenet's digestive system when the evidence showed it was pineapple, grapes and cherries. The Ramseys only had pineapple in their household. Failure to mention the other items was solely to imply Ramsey guilt. Patsy was told in deposition that they had evidence that her family had previously molested JonBenet. She firmly stood her ground saying it was impossible. They never recanted that implication even after experts stated there was no evidence of previous molestation and the court of public opinion believes it to be true to this very day. JonBenet's own pediatrician, Dr. Beuf,  who examined her on numerous occasions stated there were no signs of previous molestation.

4.) The family has not only had to endure the horrific loss of their beautiful child to a sadistic, torturous sick individual but were also burdened with finding her body in their own home due to police incompetence. Then they endured two decades of suspicion and taunts by a relentless public persecution by the court of public opinion solely due to lies purposely spread to media. The case remains unsolved due to their arrogance, tunnel vision, and inactive investigation.

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