Add your voice to stop Presidential visits to Lagos from being a burden to us.

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Tomorrow 29th of March, President Buhari will be visiting Lagos to 'open a bus stop and attend a get together party'. The State Government in their wisdom has decided it will be a good day to declare a work free day and restrict movement across the State for 2-days leading up to the Easter holidays.

What they fail to say is the 2-day hardship we are going to face commuting around an already 'infrastructurally' deficient State and the loss of economic man-hours this decision will cause. What they fail to say is how a similar incident some years back led to a massive robbery of a bank in Lekki phase 1 that claimed the lives of people because on that day, the President was in town too and majority of the security operatives in the State were pulled out of their respective watches for route-lining the course of the President's movement.

Even if we are tagged third-world by the rest of humanity. We can't continue to glory in our idiocy. This Presidential visit burden to Lagos and Lagosians is enough. There has to be another way.