We would like Paul McCartney to ask that truth! ポール・マッカトニーへあの真実を聞いてみたい!

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Hello. There is a big debate about who is singing "Ah" of "A Day in the Life" now in our Beatles community. Is the bridge "Ah" appearing in the middle part of this song you are singing? Or is John Lennon singing? Please let us know. That way, we are convinced and our community will regain peace. I know you are busy. But you only have to answer "John or Self" in a single word. Thank you very much.



Takahashi Akitomoさんは「We would like Paul McCartney to ask that truth! ポール・マッカトニーへあの真実を聞いてみたい!」キャンペーンにあなたの手伝いも必要としています!Akitomoさんと21人の賛同者と一緒うに賛同しましょう。