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Gordy Bunch
The Woodlands, TX, United States

Apr 27, 2015 — Director Peggy Hausman's Letter un-edited & forwarded with permission (links and photos did not come through):

April 2015 - This issue is dedicated to two questions people ask me the most: my candidacy for reelection as Township Director and my position on the 350 Million dollar Road Bond.

My Candidacy for Reelection as Township Director

I have decided not to seek reelection. I've had the privilege of serving our "Hometown" for over 25 years and feel now is the time to move on. I wish I could thank each of you individually for your support over these many years and look forward to doing so when I see you out and about. I know several residents will step forward, but I will not be endorsing anyone till I see who has filed. Let me I put rumors to rest...I HAVE NOT HAND PICKED OR ENDORSED A CANDIDATE.

My position on the 350 Million Dollar Road Bond


Some voters will vote for just about anything because they blindly trust our elected officials or someone tells them to vote a certain way. Other residents won’t vote for anything that might cost them a dime. I have come to the conclusion that this bond is about more than money. It's about ethical governance and fiscal responsibility. I have concluded I will cast my ballot as a NO for a number of reasons even beyond the issue of more traffic on Woodlands Parkway.

Before you vote, ask yourself what is Montgomery County’s long-term COUNTYWIDE transportation plan? With the growth in our county why don't we receive more of our state tax dollars back from TxDOT and HGAC?

I recall only seeing one commissioner doing a full study on the real needs of his Precinct. Apparently, the other three Commissioners and our County Judge rationalized our needs by selecting a dozen handpicked residents (many with special interests) with no mobility background to assemble a WISH LIST. I am sure all were well intended, but where is their experience for such a huge and expensive task? Click here to see a list of projects by precinct.

A. I can't support a bond with this much "Pork" in it. If you only gave the voters a clean mobility bond, it would pass without opposition. The obvious "Pork" includes The Woodlands Parkway extension, some 22 million dollar's worth. Simply put, if the developers want a road, let the developers put the road in. Once completed, the developers can attempt to deed it over to the county to maintain. Crafting a bond with a multimillion dollar gift to developers from the taxpayers of Montgomery County is reason enough to vote it down. Developers and planned developments include (click on links for more information): The Weems Group; Woodtrace Community; Woodtrace Community Master Plan; Friendswood Development Company; Richfield Investments. Extension

B. Study after study has said traffic will increase. I could have told you that without a study. To what degree traffic will debatable. All I know is that it will INCREASE. Another thing to consider is, The Woodlands standards and covenants are only enforceable on Woodlands property. The proposed extension is NOT in our Hometown.

Looking outside of our many Hometown mobility issues, there are other pressing issues in our county. Such as.......Rayford Rd, FM 1097, FM 1488 & FM 2978, Gosling and Research Forest. Why not FULLY FUND those projects and let new developments pay for their own infrastructure? Don’t give us a bond that does not complete these projects and will require coming back to taxpayers for still another bond in the future.

C. Another thing to consider is why this bond has so many normal maintenance items in it, such as 11 million for cleaning ditches, asphalting roads etc..... One would think that cleaning ditches and repairing roads would be part of your normal maintenance budget; and if it is not, ask yourself WHY NOT?
Rehab Projects

Mail Route Road
Old 105
Rabon Chapel
Spring Branch Road
Goodson Loop
Rehab entire road
Rehab from FM 105 to bridge
Rehab from Pine Lake to Capitol Hill Road
Rehab from FM 149 to Church
Rehab form FM 249 to Terri Lane

D.The next question that crossed my mind was, are we in a position to take on new obligations especially when so much of them do not actually relieve our traffic problems? We have Montgomery College Bonds, CISD bonds, County bonds, Township bonds, etc. Montgomery County is listed on the Texas Comptroller’s web site as being currently in debt to the tune of 446,595,000 dollars. Rumor has it that a new school bond, county jail bond and future road bonds are on the horizon. So add 350 million plus, plus, plus.........

In my opinion there is a solution.................................If we defeat this bond issue, the Commissioners would have another chance to clean it up and present taxpayers with a clean mobility bond. This new bond MUST meet the needs of the county, not just divide up the bond proceeds by precincts. Have one list of specific road projects for THE RESIDENTS OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY AND NOT A WISH LIST OF COMMISSIONERS AND SPECIAL INTERESTS. Remove the "Pork" and we'll all come back to vote on a better plan in November. Take a look at each commissioners list.....They are not even in the same font. Ask yourself.....................................Did they work together? Do the roads stop by precinct borders? NO........

I am losing track of the number of politicians and organizations coming out in favor of these special interest bonds because it will benefit them or their members. A good example is the new, VOTER AWARENESS COUNCIL, founded by a number of area citizens as a non-profit corporation which they say is dedicated to help, encourage, and equip Montgomery County Area Citizens to vote. Ask yourself – if you truly want to be a force to get residents to vote, why state scare tactics on the Internet? I sure hope they do not mean what they printed. How are you supposed to react to statements like if you vote NO, our County Judge who serves us all will cut us out of future road bonds? Or, Commissioners Court is unlikely to reward a faction that defeated the bond and could reallocate Precinct #3 monies to other precincts’ unmet needs; the last time a bond failed, it took 4 years to generate another one.)

Did the chairman of our Woodlands Township board of directors really lend his name to this group and these statements? Why did it take 4 years

What happens if the 2015 road bond is defeated?

Here is VAC’s answer: No one knows for sure. Those who oppose the road bond suggest that it could be placed on the November ballot without the Woodlands Parkway project and then easily passed. Those who support the road bond are skeptical of this outcome and cite several reasons: a sizable CISD bond is already scheduled for the November election; the County Judge and Precinct #2 Commissioner have promised this project to Precinct #2 residents and the Commissioners chose to retain the extension project, knowing that it would generate opposition.

Who is this VAC group?

VAC Founding Members (Many familiar names from inside and outside The Woodlands. Following are the VAC founding members (Founders). While the Founders may not agree on all issues or candidates involved in any or all elections, they are unanimous in the belief that high voter turnout is in the best interest of our community. To help inform voters and increase voter turnout, it is the intent of VAC to present candidate and issues information in an unbiased and nonpartisan manner that may not reflect the views of all the Founders. VAC provides information from multiple sources including that provided by candidates, and supporters and opponents of particular issues positions. VAC invites factual corrections on information used. VAC does not endorse candidates. VAC does not recommend positions on issues. Comments or questions can be sent to the Founders via the “Contact” tab on this website.

Emilio Aragon
Nathan Cook
David Gottlieb
Jon Howard
Ron Kostelny
Steve Leakey
Bob Lux
Amos McDonald
Gil Staley
Diana Tough

Elizabeth Brock
Paul Cote
CJ Haynes
Darci Hubbard
Jim Kuykendall
Amy Lecocq
David Matos
Mike Shinn
Bruce Tough
Roy Villarreal

Belton Byrd
Bruce Cunningham
Johnny Hennigan
Grace Jacobson
Stuart Lapp
Walt Lisiewski
Will Mattern
Kenny Speight
Coulson Tough
Tim Weems

VAC Board of Directors

Steve Leakey - President
Darci Hubbard - Secretary
Belton Byrd
David Gottlieb
Bob Lux*
Coulson Tough

Amy Lecocq – Vice President
David Matos - Treasurer
Nathan Cook
Stuart Lapp
Mike Shinn
Roy Villarreal

The other thing I'd like to see is less "Spin" in selling all future bond elections. The statement that, "We can issue this bond without any increase in our taxes" is CRAZY!!!! When the county continually raises our property tax values, our taxes are going up. I don’t know about you, but my property tax check gets bigger every year. I just received by new tax appraisal. 10% AGAIN...... So my TAX BILL WENT UP AGAIN......

The question I wrestled with most is why some other elected officials say they can accept the "Pork" to get a bond issue passed knowing it will not meet the needs of Montgomery County? I think we can do better. I think it's time to send our elected officials back to the starting line because I know we deserve better. As Voters we deserve and demand it.

I have attached a flyer at the bottom. If you agree with me, run copies for your neighbors and get them to vote or PLEASE FORWARD THIS NEWSLETTER, The power has always been and will always be with the people...Stand up for The Woodlands, VOTE, and Make your voice heard.

I also would like to thank Mr. Jim Howard, who I think is my alter ego. His letter to the editor on April 15 (TAX DAY) mirrors many of my thoughts or vice versa.


So for all it is worth, this is my opinion and how I came to my conclusion on the Road Bond. Whether you agree or not, please vote and by all means....LETS STOP THE NAME CALLING AND SCARE TACTICS on both sides. Residents of Montgomery County deserve better. Do your homework and VOTE....

For many years now, I have ended each of my messages with my favorite saying: "Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching"

I hope you think I kept my word.



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