Traditional scheduling for students at Edison High School

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The decision that block scheduling will be used at Edison and other high schools in SAISD was recently announced. 1) Students in a magnet program will be required to take classes 1st - 3rd period. Extra curricular activities such as marching band and athletics will not be available to students in a magnet program, since these classes are held during 1st period. This is unfair considering previous students (e.g. students in class of 2016) were able to take an extra curricular activity while taking magnet classes. The magnet program's class periods have changed in response to block scheduling; instead of these classes being held during 2nd - 4th period in a traditional environment, these classes are now held 1st - 3rd period, meaning approximately 1/3 of magnet students would not be able to take 1st period band (marching band), or 1st period athletics (volleyball, football). 2) Charles Muñoz claims this system will aid students who miss a day of school by allowing them to catch up and easily learn material they've missed durning their absence. Students who will be taking Advanced Placement (AP) or Dual Credit (DC) classes will not be able to receive or learn material they've missed as easily as Mr. Muñoz claims. These classes are very fast-paced, and they cover a lot of material in a short period of time. So, imagine how much material will be covered in 90 minutes. Plus, this new scheduling will throw off the days that homework will be do in these classes. Typically, homework is due on a Friday, and not all students will take the same AP/DC class on this due day. Now, all students in these classes will have much more homework and less time to do it. So the block scheduling results in material being even more fast-paced, and a less likely chance students will remember the material that was taught.

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