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We want the Prosecution of Albino Killers who Sell Body Parts of children!

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Emmeline and Bertrand are the children on this YouTube Video (not shown on printed copy). These are two of the children with which we are concerned. Also, as of October 31, 2010, four killers have been prosecuted  to the fullest extent of the law. The sentence of hanging for the four offenders has not deterred the now, black market trade of selling albino limbs; KUDOS for Prime Minister Peter Pinda who has outlawed (please visit this petition on to see video and sign) the witch doctors who encourage this trade for the killer's profit and the witch doctor's, profit. Now, let's educate those with the primitive the belief system of magical limbs and build a stable economy (where $20 is approximate the yearly salary average).

Thugs kill Albinos for their body parts to exchange for money. Witch doctors pay thugs for the parts, then sell their hair,flesh,blood, and limbs to primitive believers who think Albino body parts will bring them luck and success in business and in love. Some businessman (who else can afford these parts?) pay $500 to $1,000 for a limb. Witch doctors who participate in the practice will pay, $75,000 for an entire dismembered body. The poorest believers will buy a piece of flesh for their fish hooks to bring luck in fishing. Most gangs and thugs get away with these heinous acts, and those arrested are not yet prosecuted to the fullest. Education is needed, but for now, the criminals must answer to these acts. Help speak out and sign this petition. We must bring this to the attention of the officials who can pressure all governments that don't pursue prosecution , by withdrawing money, to stop this practice. Also, the economy is so dire in these countries ($10 per year Average salary) that unless the economy is built up this will go on.  America spent billions in Iraq, perhaps, America can use the war chest to spend on Tanzania and Burundi.   American businesses can possibly help these people build an economy; a small factory or other place of employment. Last of all, The government of countries with the problem should approach:  Africans of authority, educated Africans and others who do not believe the magical albino parts myth to educate those that do.  Preach to  groups of African believers village by village, city by city, person by person. Something must be done. I thank all that has signed and care. ( I'm am now on

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