We Want Organic NDT

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We Want Organic NDT (from pig)

  • 27,000,000 people in the US and 200 million worldwide have a Thyroid Disorder.
  • 80% of all Thyroid Disease cases are diagnosed as Hypothyroidism and 20% Hyperthyroidism.
  • Females are 5 times more likely to develop a hypothyroid disease condition over males.

Many patients with Hypothyroidism don't get well on synthetic medication, instead they seem to get better on NDT, Natural Desiccated Thyroid. There is sometime a debate whether NDT is a good option or not, BUT this petition is not about that. This petition is about that We Want Organic NDT (from pig), thus, NDT from organically raised pigs. Many companies (like Actavis (Forest Labs), RLC Labs, Erfa Canada 2012 Inc) produces NDT, but here the pigs have or may have been exposed to antibiotics and/or hormones. We as patients now do not want to be exposed to this.   

RLC Labs writes on their webpage:
"Q: Are the pigs organic?
A: No, but we understand the importance of organically raised pigs and hope to have an organic option available in the future."

We now want this hope not only to be a hope but to be action and a reality. Please sign this petition and support this matter. Hypothyroidism is not a fun disease. We also think organically raised pigs is good for the pigs, for the nature and for the whole world as a planet. 

I, personally have had problems with my Hypothyroidism for about three years now. This has forced me to be on sick leave, and now I can't complete my studies as a psychologist. I'm 26 years old. Since I don't get better on synthetic medication (I have tried both T4 and T3), I now want to try NDT. But I don't like the fact that I need to expose myself to unnecessary antibiotics and/or hormones. Please sign this petition and support this matter. We think this can make a change!



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