Help Us Abolish the Mandatory Celibacy Law in the Catholic Church-We Want Optional Celibacy

[Part 2, of my commentary.] Can you all imagine the joy & upliftment that would come upon the priestly profession, if the celibacy rule was abolished? Imagine the vibrant numbers of men who'd be glad to join the clergy, in the future, if they knew in advance that a virtuous, married life would & could be part of the deal? Think about all the emotionally conflicted men currently in the priesthood, ----------who've probably given thought to splitting away & joining a Protestant/Evangelical denomination of the religion, to free themselves from the celibacy burden, ----------who at that point then, would be quite happy to continue on as Catholic priests. Yes: I'd be fully in favor of this change in the Catholic Church, to becoming a married clergy. Our priests are just human people, who deserve the freedom of possibly having a spouse, and even children if they'd choose to, as well as normal societal relationships & interactions, during their active, young, professional lives. Let us herald in modernity, in the Church authority's future requirements for the clergy. May the celibacy demand be eliminated, once & for all! The Church law must be changed. [End of Part 2, & the conclusion of this particular commentary.]

Chris Castro, Las Vegas, NV, United States
2 years ago
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