Help Us Abolish the Mandatory Celibacy Law in the Catholic Church-We Want Optional Celibacy

[Part 1 of my commentary.] Celibacy is a hideous scourge & curse upon the Church. It is NOT normal, rational or natural as a clerical law & requirement! It puts a horridly awful burden upon any young men who contemplate entering the priesthood, or those already in, condemning them to an emotionally tormenting restriction on their future lives. It condemns these fine men to gloomy, dreary lives of intense loneliness & isolation, and prevents any normal semblance of even mere friendship with women, from ever forming.
Other religions, such as Judaism, and other Christian branches, such as Protestantism & Eastern Orthodoxy, all readily permit a married priesthood or clergy, plus the opportunity for these men to become fathers. The Rabbi, the Protestant minister/reverend/pastor/deacon, the Orthodox priest, are all readily living such a fulfilled & contented way of life, and have for many centuries, without a shred of shame. The Catholic Church should & must evolve with the times, and end the horrible tragedy of the celibacy requirement, as religious law. [End of Part 1, of this commentary.]

Chris Castro, Las Vegas, NV, United States
2 years ago
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