Cooly Rocks On Needs to give it back to the enthusiasts, car owners and musicians.

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Rock n Roll Enthusiasts are calling on Cooly Rocks On to stand down and give the event back to the classic car owners, vendors, musicians and people who live and breathe the custom culture lifestyle. We the people are tired of supporting the festival that once was iconic, entertaining, beneficial to the town and supported by local traders. It has now been stripped clean of any positive atmosphere and the recent negative press and awful treatment of vendors/musicians and car owners has turned 1000s of people off wanting to return. As holiday stayers of Coolangatta and the Southern Gold Coast region the area would never be the same if the festival was to never return but with a solid committee of people who truly care about the event created something that the people wanted ...the event could remain and many would return. Also we are asking for a change of weekend to one week after the regular scheduled date to avoid the always rain filled weekend so traders and local stores truly benefited. (Or to the new Queens Birthday date change in Australia) The festival once called Wintersun was the must do event with thousands of attendees filling the streets with many staying to watch the cruise. For the past few years the cruise audience has been poorly and Coolangatta a ghost town compared with its original numbers. In recent years the CEO and event coordinators that they have hired have not been personal enthusiasts of the culture and have not listened to the punters desire for change. They have poorly treated : stage/sound engineers, the Cooly Rocks staff + team members have been quitting or leaving with post traumatic stress disorder. Bands and musicians. Local venues, pubs, clubs and traders. The local chamber of commerce (with no retailers meeting to let the locals know whats going on, as they once did) the lack of respect and whispers of this throughout the town is very disheartening, especially when this all stems from the local tourism office that is meant to be supporting small local business.

The vendors were cancelled last minute with lack of communication, ridiculous costly stall fees, poor vendor allocation, abuse and poor treatment in general of punters, vendors and musicians. Threats. Deleting constructive criticism on their social pages. Photographers images are cropped, edited and 'Cooly Rocks' logo is inserted without permission or credit given. Volunteers are having nervous breakdowns and crying. Musicians and vendors cancelled without any notice or communication. Car owners are having to pay upwards of $115.00 and the social cruise they had paid for were cancelled. We as a community do not want to see this event cancelled... but the Mayor Tom Tate needs to be fully aware of the organisation that is running this festival and using Councils money to create havoc for the Rock n Roll community. It takes a huge amount of positive support to bring this festival back to life but with the support of several local enthusiasts we are wanting to meet with Tom Tate and share our experience our issue is we feel the man is somewhat unapproachable and uncontactable with difficult recent attempts to organise a meeting to share the truth we know. Please take the time to hear our story Tom. 

A large group of experienced event coordinators, funding/sponsorship and government grants, marketing managers, PR and Social media techs, car show organisers, website designers, market stall coordinators that are experienced in road closures and major event development are volunteering their time to ignite this festival. This team first and foremost would look after the local traders and then make this festival a truly memorable experience for the visitors to the region.