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We want more public toilets and free water bubblers in Australia

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In the USA and Canada, you can walk into any standalone supermarket, shopping centre, sports stadium etc. And there almost certainly will be a public toilet (with few notable exceptions) and all public toilets (with few notable exceptions) will have free, hygenic and chilled water bubblers outside of them (sports stadia, standalone supermarkets, shopping centres). If Australia is serious about curbing our obesity problem, we need to seriously consider implimenting real solutions, instead of taxing everything. We, as Australians, can take this idea and improve it. By providing free water, people will have a healthy way to hydrate without needing to purchase a drink. Australia should adopt this intiative in order to encourage people to drink more water. This inciative has already been adopted at Sydney Airport, and the water bubblers are used by many people. Westfield Shopping Centres, for example, a company which originated in Australia, have free water bubblers in the USA, but not in Australia. If we want to curb our obesity crisis, this the best way to do so. In order for this to work, however, we need the following:

1. More public toilets. Sydney, especially, has a shortage of public toilets in popular areas (the CBD, Newtown, etc.)

2. We need to acknowledge companies which profit from the sale of these items will potentially lose profits (as well as their suppliers), and we need real ideas and real solutions to mitigate the impact

3. All new stand alone supermarkets should have public toilets, and whever possible, all existing ones should also retrofit them wherever possible, and adding bubblers outside of existing and new public toilets

This proposal can also help combat dehydration, and will also help the environment by reducing plastic

Where can this be implimented nationwide in hot and cold climate areas, in urban and rural areas of Australia, and everywhere in between,  in places such as:

1. Sports stadia

2. Airports, train stations, and other public transport hubs

3. Shopping centres (e.g. Westfield)

4. Stand alone supermarkets (Coles, Woolworths, etc.) 

5. Streets, parks, etc. 

6. Hospitals

7. Standalone Government instituions (e.g. Services NSW (and interstate equivilants) etc., Medicare, etc.

8. Theme parks

9. Other places

We pay enough tax! A sugar tax will not reduce the number of sugary drinks that people buy. Free water, and free hydration will

Australia needs real solutions, and not quick-fix schemes

We should impliment two types of bubblers: those which you can drink from directly and those which can be used to fill water bottles

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