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To preserve our natural marine wildlife and heritage

Letter to
Chief Executive of Hong Kong
CEO Hong Kong
Environmental Bureau
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EPD - Environmental Protection Department
AFCD - Agricultural, Fisheries & Conservation Department
2013 Policy Address Consultation

I care about conservation and I want the government to do more to protect the environment!

1999 Policy Address

In 1999, the then Chief Executive recognized that making Hong Kong a clean, comfortable and pleasant home would require every citizen, every business, every Government Department and Bureau to start working in partnership to achieve sustainable development, in order to bring about full integration of the needs for economic and social development with that to conserve the environment. These were grand words, but they did not translate into action.

Promise of Marine Parks

In 2001, the South West New Territories Development Strategy Review recommended a mix of development balanced with important conservation measures, to protect critical habitat for a number of marine and land species. In terms of conservation, the strategy recommended creating SW Lantau Marine Park, Soko Islands Marine Park, South Lamma Country and Marine Park and Po Toi Country Park.

Failure to deliver on these promises

Whilst much of the development in the Strategy Review has been undertaken, the conservation action has not been completed, therefore none of these important conservation areas have been established. Despite this, neither the science, nor the need for creating these parks has changed.

Actions speak louder than words - time for the Government to play its part

Thirteen years later, our new Chief Executive has made similar commitments to the environment, namely to sustain the stable development of land and building space, while attaching importance to conservation and trying to strike a balance between the two. I would like the Chief Executive to translate his words into action.

Commitment to conservation in the 2012-2013 Policy Address

To address the imbalance that has arisen between development and conservation, and in order to demonstrate that the government is committed to conservation, in the 2012-2013 Policy Address, I would like the Chief Executive to commit to establishing SW Lantau Marine Park, Soko Islands Marine Park, South Lamma Country and Marine Park and Po Toi Country Park.

Submitted for consideration.

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