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We Want LAPD to Commit to Police De-escalation

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The Los Angeles police department has had various cases where their officers have injured or even killed  innocent people who were suspected to have a weapon.

We want to see more non-lethal defenses provided for LAPD officers, as well as more training on how to handle intense situations with the least amount of escalation possible.

In May 2016, the police department agreed to revise their police training to be more extensively focused on de-escalation, but they have not officially rolled out a policy  for the number of times a year they do these training sessions, focusing specifically on de-escalation, or what the training would include. It has been a year since that agreement. We want a public commitment to ensure every office receives at least annual training in de-escalation.  According to David Gross from “Tactics and Trainings” (, “In reality, most police departments only train about two times a year, averaging less than 15 hours annually.”.  Let that sink in real quick, the men who protect the streets only go to training twice a  year, we believe police should go to training at least three times a year, or even up to four times a year if they work in areas with histories of frequent foot pursuits and physical confrontations. Not only do we feel the need to increase the number of times they train a year but as  well as adopt new non-lethal weapons, such as sponge round bullets. What these are, is a sponge tipped bullet with a plastic body that will injury the human body but doesn’t penetrate it. The sponge round bullet is more effective than a bean bag gun as it shoots farther and generally hits harder.  LAPD has piloted these sponge rounds with a handful of stations, and they are effective, so they should be in every station.

How many more innocent lives will we let pass us by while we wait for LAPD to make good on last year’s plans?


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