Fire the Broward County Police Officers That Used Unreasonable Excessive Force on Delucca

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While the officers whose names haven't been released to the public, were acting under color of State and Federal law as an employee of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, they subjected Delucca to the deprivation of rights and privileges including the constitutional right to not be deprived of his liberty and the constitutional right to be free from the use of excessive force against his person.   

  On April 18, 2019, in Tamarac, Fl, two officers employed by the Broward Sheriff’s Office used excessive force on Delucca, a teen who wasn't physically threatening them. In the video, Delucca bent down to pick up a cell phone and one of the officers pushed his head. Lucca asked the officer why he pushed his head and the officer pepper sprayed him then threw him to the ground. Once he was on the ground, another officer straddled his back, bashed his face into the concrete twice, and punched him in his head. Further, during the brutal attack, Lucca placed his arm under his face to protect it from further injury and now they’re charging him with resisting a police officer. Plus, Jeff Bell, the president of the Deputy Association states that Lucca took a step forward towards one of the officers. That’s inaccurate! After the officer aggressively shoved his head, Lucca was knocked off balance and he instinctively tried to regain his balance. Since the force utilized by the Officers against Delucca was excessive, unreasonable, and in violation of Federal and State laws, as well as accepted police practices within the United States, the officers should be fired and charged with battery.

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FREE Delucca and drop all charges against him


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