We want #JusticeForMariam - Victim of child sex abuse

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We want #JusticeForMariam and BAN on "Original Play"

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Mariam is a young 4 year-old who has become a victim of child sex abuse at a Kindergarten (Katholische KiTa gGmbH Koblenz) in Koblenz. You can see the story of Mariam as reported by her mother in the video above. You can see the pain she is going through having to describe what happened to her young daughter.

The Mother reported that her daughter had told her that all children had been bathed in the facility and that the facility had given them new underwear afterwards. Then she was brought into a room by an educator and there she was sexually abused by a man in multiple ways and she was abused by multiple other men too. This is described in further detail in the video. Despite such horrific allegations and according to Mariam's mother proof on the child's body that abuse had taken place, the police have said they can find no evidence and the public prosecutor has closed this case.

The public prosecutor report is does not correlate with the events that took place according to the parents. One of them must not be right. For example the public prosecutor report states that a gynaecological examination was taken on the child on the alleged date of the incident but no sufficient evidence was found. This is not true according to the family.

The incident took place on 10th September on which the parents went to the police, however, due to the language barrier they were sent away and nothing happened. Then on 16th September (6 days later) they went again to the police and on that date 6 days later is when the gynaecological examination took place. The public prosector has now closed the investigation saying there is insufficient evidence.

It is unimaginable that any parent would make up a story like this describing in detail the horrors her child had to go through. It is also unimaginable that a child of 4 or 5 years old would make up a story like this. Children don't know what rape or sexual abuse is. The only things they can say is "he touched me here" or he "put something in here" etc. There is much more to this case that needs to be investigated.

We want this investigation to be reopened with immediate effect and for a through independent investigation to take place in the case of Mariam and this Kindergarten. We demand the Kindergarten is closed until a thorough investigation is complete and those responsible are brought to justice. Across Germany over the years there have been many such abuses taking place. Children usually cannot know what happened to them and these cases never surface. It's time for Germany to act and STOP child sex abuse.

BAN "Original Play" in daycare centres

Original Play is an American concept where adults who are complete strangers to the children play with them in kindergartens and schools on the floor. They wrestle, tickle and touch each other, smell each other and roll over mats together. According experts, the whole concept could be an “invitation” to pedophiles and abuse. All this while some parents are not even aware that strangers are coming in to play with their children.

In Mariam's case her mother said that the daycare people were talking about a contract that she signed and it was about an American concept where men should be with children. Could it be that it is original play? Could this be how strangers who were not from the kindergarten were able to rape and sexually abuse Mariam?

It is time for Germany to stop being silent on this matter of child sex abuse and act towards stopping it. It is time for Germany to BAN original play from all places and stop the exploitation and abuse of children.

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