We want justice. We want safe road. We want raise our voice to establish our rights.

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At first addressing an issue of people's republic of Bangladesh. It's started two students killed by a speeding bus in the capital city Dhaka and students protests as they said #wewantjustice. Students ask for justice and want to establish their points on demanding capital punishment and safe road. Things gone worst when a running bus attack over the students while they are participating in movement and killed one more students. The teen movement gone stronger after that and spreading accross the country demanding for justice. As government of Bangladesh was silent in the beginning but after three days later they press conferences trying to make an end of the movement and said what demand they can fulfill. But those are not actual solution for what students are demanding for. They keep continue the movement and protest peacefully all over the country. The most shameful is instead of giving proper solution and helping in the movement police and political people attacked the students by firing, killing and they also raped few students brutally. The government have been to cover up about the students who were abused for speaking out and demand for justice and road safety. They are cutting the internet off to prevent the news from spreading. If asking for our rights and demand for justice is a sin in an independence country that what we ask for your interference to work for us with raising voice for human rights. 

The steps that we suggests are below:

1. We want Capital punishment of those who killed innocent students by driving reckless bus, who killed and raped those protesters when participating a movement for establishing their  civil rights, asking for justice and safe road.

2. We want safe road and draw attention to the government for proper management and taking stronger action to establish the law and order about Registered vehicles and original  driver license, proper training and managing traffic along with the road safely.

3. We want freedom of speech where we think things are not going right as a citizen of people's republic of Bangladesh we will raise our voice against injustice, inhumanity and for establishing our basic human rights. We do not want any violence against it. We want support from root level to government official, police and armed forces as we protest or participate any movement.

4. As students are the future developer of a nation, it's needed to be appreciated and considered taking immediate and strong action as they demanding for civil rights. There is no solution by firing and killing by the protector of state and by the law enforces  whom we are rely on for our safely and security.

5. We want everyone rides and drives with safety and security by keeping updated and original drivers license and registered vehicles regardless of government official, secretary, member of parliament, police and armed forced and reporters and journalist of press and media as students checked and caught many of them rides and drives with an expire license and without license. 

We are asking help for international visibility and help to join with us to protect our lives in terms of road safety issue and support us to raise our voice for human rights. This cause may change the whole scenario of Bangladesh and will be a historic illustration for the world.