As our law says a guilt one may not get punished but an innocent one must not be punished

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Giving re exam again isn't easy as the officials or authorities think. The stress faced by the students is unexplainable.why should the innocent ones suffer? Why should we get punished for the careless actions of the cbse institution? It is very shameful to say that a developing country like India has faced another downfall. So it is better to just keep the re exams for the city where the paper was leaked. Or else there must be compensation. As it said a guilty may not be punished but an innocent one must not be punished. The solution for this problem may be conducting exams only for the city where the leakage took place. Parents also face a lot stress regarding students future . It is the most crucial time to decide colleges and the main subject maths is being targeted. If any re exam is being set then it should be easy or some compensation has to be given.