Petition Closed

By signing the petition,

1. We demand for a strong and fast appeal for Abdul Quader Molla's trial to the International Crime Tribunal so that the allegation is proved with absolute certainty beyond any doubt and thereby ensuring the highest punishment of death penalty.

2. We demand that the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh provide all the support to the prosecutors of the International Crime Tribunal so that in future the allegations against criminals for genocide, rape and other crimes during the great liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 are proved with absolute certainty and thereby maximum punishment is ensured for the accused criminals. At the same time all the facilities required for timely judgement by the tribunal and the security of the witness must be provided.

3. We also demand that the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh handle the miscreants creating public nuisance in support of the heinous war criminals without showing the minimum leniency. We hope that the Government understands the sentiment of the majority of the people of Bangladesh who will never tolerate any negligence, compromise or negotiation over the trial of war criminals.

4. We demand that the main opposition party keep the issue of trial of war criminals beyond all other interests and support the tribunal in every possible way. They also should understand that any excuse to be against the trial or even be inactive will not be pardoned in the history of Bangladesh.

5. We request the foreign countries to support this much-awaited (40 years) trial for one of the most heinous atrocities against humanity in the history of civilization. They should not be influenced by the wrong publicity of the paid lobbyists of the war criminals. 


Letter to
Supreme Court of Banalgdesh Registrar
Prime Minister's Office Secretary to the Prime Minister
Prime Minister, People's Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina
and 4 others
Managing Director, Ekushey Television Ltd Ashraful Alam
The Daily Star Editor
Chief Editor, The Daily Prothom Alo Motiur Rahman
Initiator of the petition Masaba Adneen
We demand DEATH PENALTY of Quader Molla.