We want compensation from IQ steel accommodation

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People live in the IQ steel deserve compensation from the elevator (broken four times in a half year, 2/4, 20/2, 7/2, before 26/10) and wash machines (two still broken for four months from 3/1).

ONLY ONE machine currently functions for over 100 students (for four months).

Some of us need to wait for two hours to use the washing machines, or even worst. Although we can use IQ Fenton’s washing machines, we still need our own. We want to recommend people to live here next year. with the facilities like this, we are not able to do that.

For example, my friend who lives in the Vita, they had a hot water issue for five days and also some other times, but they got over 200 pounds compensation for that. I believe we could ask for the same price the Vita offered because all these troubles make us live here really difficult.

Although IQ gave us a plan for our laundry and the lift, they will demand their employer to help us carry clothes and help us to lift things upstairs. However, it did not give us any compensation for the last four months, and the plan only been provided after argued with them.

We think IQ team need to reconsider the plan and give us four months compensation. Also, laundry should include washing and drying. As the contract that we signed, I believe the plan that IQ steel provide did not equally provide us with a good accommodation environment.

Because of all the detail list on top, I think who live in the IQ steel deserve compensation at least 100 pounds.