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Make 7-Eleven a more safe workplace at night!

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I have been working for 7-Eleven for 8 years. Within my Years there has been many changes. But the biggest problem is they have not made any changes to make our work place more safe for us. My store alone, has been robbed (by gun Point) 3 times in the last month!! Our town is going downhill, the drugs and the violence is getting worse. 7 Eleven can't change that, but they can make changes within our store to make us feel safe. The outside lighting is horrible, there is no cameras outside. We have a silent alarm and the last 2 times it didn't work. (I had it tested in between last 2 robberies, they said it worked fine) they have ONE employee woeking by themselves over night. Not safe at all. These people are making slightly over minimum wage and should not have to fear going to work. I talked to my store manager and my field consultant and their answer is to follow our safety procedures. Meaning to keep less than $30 in our drawers overnight. Last robbery the guy got $34 and came back THE NEXT NIGHT and robbed us again. It's not how much money they get, it's how easy it is for them to get away with it. I understand having a security guard costs a lot of money (as if that's an issue with a huge Corporation) so another solution is to close our business hours from 12am-5am. We are slow those hours, wasting money in payroll, people stealing product all the time especially overnight. I feel there is a simple solution to all of this. Having 2 people on at all times and closing for 5 hours a night.

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