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Cardinia Shire Council we want action on the Cockatoo Bmx Track

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Cardinia Shire Council we want action!

In Feb. 2014, some local families spoke up about wanting a bmx track at the southern end of Alma Treloar Reserve in Cockatoo. Three years have now passed, and we still havent been allocated a location for the Cockatoo Bmx track.

Locals please show your support. Thank you

Below is a summary of what the Cockatoo Bmx Track Sub Committee has achieved.

The Bmx track idea was brought up at a Cockatoo Township committee meeting in Feb. 2104, There was lots of talk about graffiti, so we as local parents felt that the children just needed something to do, and there is no where for children to ride their bikes.  Trevor Phillips had designed a bmx track plan and asked about a bmx track at Alma Treloar Reserve. The Cockatoo bmx track Sub Committee was formed at that meeting, the Cockatoo bmx track facebook page was created with all updates being posted to the page.

In between that meeting and the next CTC public meeting in March 2014, in three weeks 500 signatures were collected online and in person.

A meeting was organized at Alma Treloar Reserve, the Sub Committee met with some locals on site and everyone signed the petition, about wanting a bmx track at the location. The Pakenham Gazette newspapers attended and took a photo. There were also various articles in lots of local news papers. Trevor and a local Matt were interviewed by 3MDR radio about the bmx track.

At the Cockatoo Township Committee meeting in March 2014, the petitions were handed over to Leticia Wilmott.
In early 2014, the Sub committee then met on site at Alma Treloar Reserve with Mark Stahl from Cardinia council, to discuss location and all seemed extremely positive. We soon learnt that the land we wanted to use was part council and DEPI land, Melbourne water was mentioned, but we don’t want to build a bmx track near the creek, or encroach on the already well used off leash dog park. We want to use the land that is currently unused at the southern end of the reserve. So this confusion about whos land is what, has caused a lot of time wasting. We still dont have a definate answer on that.

Since 2014, we have emailed council at least once a month, to get an update and to see where we are at. We were told we had to wait for the new Skate and Bmx Strategy before anything could move forward, with still no definite location. This took approx. 1.5 years. The Skate and Bmx track Strategy was finally done with positive results for a bmx track in Cockatoo. But we were classed at medium priority, so we asked the local members could this be changed to high priority, and this is what happened. Our local members have always been very supportive of this project.

The sub committee attended a council meeting to get some more answers. An email that Adrian Dowell wrote with questions went missing.

In 2015/2016 the community was asked to fill out surveys by the Cockatoo Township Committee and Cardinia shire about Alma Treloar Reserve, which we remember filling out.

In 2014 we learnt that local children are not encouraged to ride their bikes to the school, so we wrote to the Cockatoo primary school president, Andrew Hutchinson.
For 25 years there has been a no bike riding policy, we questioned the policy, and this was changed to a "bike riding policy" Although the school still doesnt encourage bike riding due to the roads. The policy was changed, but it probably wasnt made public. So children are now allowed to ride to school with parental permission, as before they were not allowed to at all. This is another good reason to upgrade footpaths and roads, so the local children can ride their bikes.

In 2015 we took the steps to set up a youth club/future bmx club house at the old fire refuge building at Alma Treloar. Due to the poor state of the building, the youth club was shifted to St. Lukes, and as far as we know due to the lack of volunteers, the youth club that was started has since stopped..

In 2016 our council representative Mark Stahl then left the council, and we had to wait approx. 8 months for a new person to take over. Jim Davine from council then informed us, that once they had someone to take over, he would let us know. In the mean time, lots of updates were done to other bmx tracks.

While we waited for a new person to be appointed to this project in 2016, we were told that funding would be sourced for the project by Jim Davine.
So we waited again, then to be told in December 2016.

Unfortunately the implementation of the Skate and BMX Strategy was not funded by the government. An upgrade of the playground at Alma Treloar Reserve, along with 5 other playgrounds was funded, and will form part of the review of the Master Plan.
Officers will be in contact once a timeline for the community engagement for the review of the Master Plan for Alma Treloar is confirmed.

We were also emailed this.

The provision of a BMX track in Cockatoo was a high priority in the recent strategy. The siting of the track will be considered through the development of the Alma Treloar Master Plan. If it is agreed that a skate park can be located at the site, funding will then be considered.
Until a location is determined, funds haven't been identified.

Kind Regards

Jim Davine | Manager Active Communities| Cardinia Shire Council

Kevin Alexander was then to take over on this project from Feb. 2017.
We have since been told by council that there is another survey to be filled out, BUT the local community have already filled out surveys and submissions to council about two years ago. So we are not going to fill out any more surveys, cause this work has already been done.

Its seems council is now going over the same old ground, that was done years ago. Three years has passed and still we havent even been allocated the land for a high priority project! 

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