we want a public apology from Rochdale Police & Rochdale Tesco for assaulting a couple

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Nasir and Mahira Hussain were dragged to the floor , after Tesco tills in Rochdale refused to sell them a trolley load of bottled water. The viral video shows a man calmly talking to the officer , whilst his wife records the incident. The police officer is seen aggravated by the fact his wife is recording . I am concerned about how quickly this officer used force on the couple and the severity of the force ; as the lady's hijab falls off , the police man continues to tackle her. You are able to hear a passerby shout " her hijab.. her hijab".

The couple were charged with assault. They will be having going to court next month. It strongly saddens me how law enforcement officers abuse their power and falsely use the law in their favour. It shocks me how unprofessionally the incident was dealt. 

The police officers should receive guidance or training to assist them in determining what is reasonable situation to use force. The video clearly shows the officer throwing the first punch at the man. The nature and the force used by the police officer, does not equate to the 'offence' the couple are said to have committed. All the viewers are able to see that the couple were not a threat to anybody. In fact, the officers posed the threat. 

Excessive force and police brutality victims and their families are often left in shock , especially where a serious investigation is not performed. Black/ asians usually find themselves on the receiving ends of such forces. This is a classic scenario of discrimination and police abusing their power. 

Manchester Evening News then released an article stating the police man suffered injury to his face. This is news propaganda, especially how only one side of the story was given. It was written by Alexandra Rucki and all she writes about is the charges the couple face. When in fact, the charges are falsely accused. Its a  shame how people have the power to make a difference but refuse to . Bad journalism or plain ignorance?

We need to stand up to injustice! 

Please sign this petition to raise awareness of this situation. Lets get justice for Nasir & Mahira Hussain !

The full article and video can be can be read and seen on: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6213663/Shocking-moment-police-drag-couple-floor-arrest-Tesco-checkout.html