We want a harsher sentence for NUS Student who strangled ex-girlfriend

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In May 2019, NUS dental student climbed into his ex-girlfriend's home to beg her not to end the relationship. 

When she turned him down, he strangled his ex-girlfriend in her home. He pressed his thumb against her eye, causing it to bleed. The victim blacked out and fainted. When she regained consciousness shortly after, she found herself lying face down on the floor.

The victim's mother called the police. She was taken to hospital with blurred vision.

Because of this incident, the victim suffered both physical and psychological harm. 

The victim experienced blurry vision and pain in her eye. She also suffered abrasions over her neck, and swelling and a conjunctival infection to her eye for five months.

She had insomnia and was "haunted with nightmares" of Yin breaking into her house or assaulting her. She was also "in constant paranoia about bumping into the accused in school". 

Her family members were negatively impacted by this incident as well. They reportedly had "high levels of worry about their personal safety at home", with the victim's stepfather checking that all windows and doors are locked every night.

The man was given a short detention order for 12 days, a day reporting order for five months with counseling and an order to complete 80 hours of community service over a year.

He will retain no criminal records for the offense if the sentence is successfully completed. His sentence is a community-based one to give the courts greater flexibility for minor offenses. 

I am sure the judges have their own reasons for making this decision. The judge cited relative youth, his rehabilitative prospects, and his lack of previous convictions. 

However, many felt the sentence did not commensurate with his actions.

The law should also be amended to limit the scope of community-based sentences, and exclude offenses which involve physical assault. 

Assault should not be tolerated. We need stricter punishments to deter violence against not just women but anyone as well - men, children, and the elderly.

Please sign this petition and share it with your friends and family. We encourage the public to also write to your respective elected Member of Parliament to raise awareness on this important matter.