GLL should do "Better" than just 1​.​08% more spread over 10 years for swimming teachers!

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In 2009 I was earning £15.59 per hour as a swimming teacher for GLL, (brand name "Better").  £15.59 (included holiday pay) in 2009 should be around £22 per hour today with not even a real terms wage rise but just a inflation adjustment. Ten years later, it is  £16.88 per hour (Includes holiday pay) , just 1.08% per hour more OVER TEN YEARS  given inflation averages around 2.5% PER YEAR. In real terms based on a 20 hour a week this is roughly £128 per week worse off now than in 2009 for me personally . That is not even asking for a real terms wage rise. Furthermore  swimming teachers with over a decade's experience are arguably worth more than  newly qualified ones,  and newly qualified ones should be able to look forward to graded increases to match experience over time. GLL increases swimming lesson  fees annually, and is now looking at increasing its class sizes.  GLL has also introduced where possible schools swimming lessons where swimming teacher is also the lifeguard rather than dedicated lifeguard on poolside. I stood up to that, but it is something I shouldn't have to do.  Swimming teachers and lifeguards are life savers, and with the UK Government's  Drive to ensure all children can swim by end of primary school , swimming teachers  should be encouraged to stay in the profession, and awarded for it with the simple courtesy of ongoing inflation related wage adjustment, and not feel forced to look for other employment or take on more responsibility with no wage rise. Time for GLL to prove they really are "Better" for everyone, including their primary asset, their front line service providers.