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We would like for there to be more security at schools.

We would like to implement a card and guard system at schools across the nation. The card would be used as recognition of the student/teacher at the door, and the guard would verify the student/teacher as well as check for hazardous items. The guard would also check non studentteacherss as well before them gaining access into the facility. The card and guard system would also be backed by a security door that only opens with verification after school hours have begun. After school shootings in the past and recently, this is a measure that needs to be taken immediately. We need a system to help better protect the children in our lives, and to prevent other tragedies from occuring. Please sign this petition to implement the "card&guard" system in our schools and advance the safety of students.

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  • Destiny Gonzalez
    We want a "card&guard" system at schools in the United States.

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