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We Want A 2nd Season of Love Addiction w/Hasani Pettiford

TV-One has struck gold with it's new Relevant Reality Show 'Love Addiction.' Not only do people find it Entertaining but Educational as well. A network has finally gotten it right. LOVE ADDICTION is a new eight-episode, emotion-filled documentary series where I, Hasani Pettiford, and two other top relationship experts, along with family members and friends ,come together to try and help loved ones extricate themselves from destructive relationships that are demoralizing and erode self-esteem. In this transformational intervention series, each episode in the format of a one-hour documentary, the couples’ relationship patterns and dynamics are captured on camera.   

To ensure that LOVE ADDICTION has a second season, we are starting a petition. We are seeking 10,000 signatures. By supporting our efforts you are saying a) congratulations TV-One for educating your viewership on the fundamentals of healthy relationships and b) we want more LOVE ADDICTION with Hasani Pettiford

To view all episodes of season one of Love Addiction with Hasani Pettiford watch here

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