Overseas Wife of Canadian Spouse Both to File Complaint Against Canadian IRCC in 2021

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Edmonton MP Taking Action

October 1st 2020

My wife and children want to extend their appreciation from the Philippines for your continued support as to our cause.

Last week, I was contacted by my MP's office and informed that he is now making preparations in taking our cause right to the House of Commons and addressing the floor. We are extremely excited in seeing evidence of your support. We are optimistic however, we are looking look forward to moving forward.

This fight for our family is far from over. 

We thank you for support and encourage you to please let as many people know to support our petition. With more supporters, together, we can put added pressure on the government to allow our family to be reunited.

We will keep you updated on developments.


Marcus & Lederlinda Samuels.





Voice For Fairness Canada
6 months ago