Really appreciate the government launch the MAKE IN INDIA but i won't welcome this law.

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NON ISI helmets are banned.....

The more responsible you will be the more costly will be your helmet.

There can be two sides of this law one is positive another is my bullshit thoughts I mentioned ....

Negative and Positive :

1. Indian helmets brands somehow convince the Indian government to banned the imported helmets so that they can increase the sale numbers. 

2. In other hand in some of website we get D.O.T ,E.C.U , SNELL etc certified helmets in very cheep price . Some people understand those are FAKE helmets and didn't go for those but some people's trust and buy it and end up with a bad time . 

3. Today when I am riding home I found a vendor beside the road selling helmet's I asked him the cost and protection he says it's starting from 250 rupees and no ISI no nothing. So these helmets are for those who think SHAR NAHI PAISA BACHANA HAI...from the cops in the signals..

Anyways I am not in that class I will wear which will protect my brain. So I am creating the petition we can only do it by getting united... Stay safe and ride safe.