The University of Kent: Compensate Students for Strike Action

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First and foremost, we support the reasons why our lecturers are striking. The brutal cuts to staff pensions and the general marketisation of universities is unreasonable and change must come.

However, a recent email told us the following: "the University has made an offer to all members of staff who have taken industrial action over the past five days. If they agree to suspend their action and now work normally, we will not deduct any pay for lost working time." Many of our lecturers have, of course, refused what can only be described as a bribe and have supported the idea that we, the students, should be compensated for the lost teaching time.

Although we reject the marketisation of Universities, if we, the students, are paying for a service which we are not receiving, then the University is in breach of its terms with us. If we, the students, are customers of the University, they are currently receiving free money. No service is being provided and therefore they are not entitled to keep our money.

Our final grades will be negatively impacted by the actions of this strike and some students have no classes at all for the next three weeks. This is not only a waste of our money and time, but also has an effect on mental health - encouraging feelings of unproductivity, failure and worthlessness.

Due to the above reasons, the student body of the University of Kent demands compensation for hours of teaching time lost due to the strike. This may vary, student-to-student, based on contact hours lost. The student body is prepared to work with the University to discuss what will be a suitable and fair amount per hour.

We, the students, hope an agreement can be reached.