Health & Wellness Vending Machine Petition

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Andrenne Rogers
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We, the student body, demand equal access to health and safe-sex products from Syracuse University. The campus community urges the administration to install a Health & Wellness Vending Machine that vends cheaper alternative Plan B, in addition to offering free health items such as menstrual products, condoms, and other wellness products.

While Health Services also provides free condoms and alternative Plan B for $39, students are not always able to access or afford these resources when they need it the most due to limited business hours, location, and cost. Adopting Health & Wellness Vending Machines would enable students, faculty, and staff to take control over their own bodies in a more comfortable and accessible way.

A Health & Wellness Vending Machine will further protect students’ privacy by preserving anonymity, preventing Health Services visits from being billed through insurance, and lessening the stress on the Health Services resources and staff. Additionally, it would allow the responsibility of obtaining health resources to be more equally shared between partners if they so choose.

Syracuse University should join the movement. We, the undersigned, are concerned members of the Syracuse University community who call upon our leaders to act now to implement the Health & Wellness Vending Machine initiative.