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VOTE NO on HB 81/SB 106-- Petition Against Anti-Local Business and Anti-Public Safety Bill

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SB 106 and HB 81 supports THREE MAIN THINGS:
- Allows 16 and 17-year-olds to sell hard liquor
- NO Access Control -- hard alcohol can be sold next to groceries, diapers, candy, guns…
- Small and Family-Owned Local Business owners will be forced out of the marketplace by large corporations who can sell at less-than-cost and even claim exclusive rights to sell in the area!

This is unacceptable. Please sign our petition and take action against these dangerous Bills.


- Currently, when minors enter a liquor store, they immediately stand out from customers that are of legal age. This makes identifying minors easier for the owner and employees and intimidates minors who realize that they are being constantly watched. When a minor enters a big chain store such as Wal-Mart, they do not stand out from the crowd.
- Recklessly allowing hard liquor that is currently "No- Access" to be readily available to addicts, families, and underage individuals has already been predicted to cause a sharp increase in alcohol related crimes, injuries and deaths across the board.
- The problem is that easy access to these liquors pose something called an "attractive nuisance" to children and teenagers. This translates into increased theft and consuming of hard liquor at an early age.
- Studies show that continuous exposure to substances such as hard liquor increases the probability that minors will consume said substance. This leads to increased chances of substance abuse, addiction, and trying other illegal substances.
- SB 106 AND HB 81 both allow 16-year-old employees to handle hard liquor. They will be able to sell it under the supervision of an 18-year-old.
- Make no mistake, these bills are putting hard liquor directly into the hands of minors.


- There are no citizen complaints about the inconvenience of buying hard liquor. There is no public demand or need for a change in current practices.
SB 106 and HB 81 benefit only the large, out-of-state, corporations who want to increase their profit margins.
- The passing of these laws will hurt the small, family-owned businesses who have followed the law to license and operate their business.
- Many politicians that WE voted for campaigned on the platform that they support small businesses and the jobs and outreach they provide to our communities.
- If these bills pass, it will destroy small businesses all over Florida. Many people will lose their jobs and livelihoods.
- If these bills are passed, large conglomerates such as Wal-Mart will be able to store more liquor. What then follows is that they will then be able to buy more. This gives them something called a "super buying power" which gives them the unique ability to purchase large quantities at one time for a heavily discounted cost. This is being done now with other inventory. It is quite simply impossible for mom-and-pop stores to compete with these large companies when the companies can charge less than the cost of the item.
- This very thing happened when large chain marts first opened their doors- individually owned, local marts had to lay off employees and ultimately close their stores. They lost their primary, or in many cases, only source of income because the large corporations held an unfair advantage in the market. There is a large and significant difference between then and now. This will lead to a loss of jobs and wages for thousands of people. I am not referring just to the direct and devastating impact this will have on independent liquor store owners and operators, but the long-term effect this will have to many in the industry. With the loss of independent stores, the need for and the quantity of salesmen, sales reps, drivers, etc. will diminish rapidly.


- "Exclusive Use Lease Rights" is a term that means when a business leases a space in a shopping center, there will be a clause that prohibits the landlord from leasing other space in the same plaza to a direct competitor.
- That means these large businesses can put liquor in their anchor stores and add it to their "exclusive use" list. That gives them the power to muscle out liquor stores from the best shopping center locations!
- We are already facing an uphill battle, this gives large conglomerates like Wal-Mart a huge advantage over small, family-owned businesses!
- Being forced to relocate or face heavy fines will be the kiss of death to many if not all independent stores. In addition to moving expenses and relocation fees, there will be an added loss of regular customers and the foot traffic associated with the best locations.
- The owners of these small businesses are on the hook for leases and loans taken out to own and operate their own business. The passing of these bills will force many honest, hardworking Americans into bankruptcy.


Please sign our petition and take action against these dangerous Bills.


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