Stop begging the CPD to #OpenTheDebates. Organize an irresistible alternative.

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Every 4 years, a self-appointed "Commission" on Presidential Debates pretends to be a steward of a critically important ritual of presidential debates. But the CPD was created by the 2 major parties in 1987 to take control of the process in order to insulate the parties and their nominees from outside competition and meddling (like hard-hitting questions or informative debate formats).

And every 4 years, civic-minded citizens, journalists, and organizations try to ask, even beg, the CPD to improve the debates in the public interest. The CPD pretends to take all of the feedback under advisement, yet never quite get around to improving on any of it.

US citizens, journalists, interest groups, and organizations have unnecessarily ceded their rights to inclusive, meaningful, robust, and informative debates to an unaccountable organization.

The solution is staring us in the face.

We, the People of the United States, must come together, across the political spectrum, across our issue areas of concern and ideological, social, and economic divides, to put forward the most creative and compelling debate alternative that this country has ever seen. Freed up from the artificial constraints of the corrupt CPD, we can put together a debate format that reflects the deepest desires and strongest aspirations of the American people. Every single aspect of this alternative debate can be based on shared values and participatory discussion. The contrast with the approach of the secretive, anti-democratic CPD will be crystal clear.

Open the Debates has been asking the CPD to open them up to more voices and more choices since 2012. But we're tired of asking, and we already know the answer. The answer is in each of us to take action and build the alternative they can't refuse to participate in!