Save Bada Bhangal

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Bada Bhangal , the remotest village of Himachal needs your help . The essential supplies have failed to reach this village for the last one year as a foot bridge near Palacak and landslides washed away the trail leading to Thamsar pass which is their safest link to the outside world . 

The ongoing tussle between the Forest Department and District Administration has only added to the suffering of the villagers . If essentials are not supplied within a few days , people will starve to death as they are running out of food . The foot bridge and trail was washed away last year but till date nothing has been done . Bada Bhangal is a remote village in Kangra which remains cutoff from the outside world for over 8 months . Only when snow melts significantly in Summers is when this village can be accessed over the 4750 meters high Thamsar pass . 

Now we have two options to help the  people of Bada Bhangal :- 

1) Airdrop the essential supplies to Bada Bhangal as there is a helipad there.
2) Supply the essentials via Kaleheni Pass from Manali side which is a slightly longer trail but can be crossed over by the ponies.