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Revive Rota

Rota is a very important place in the Commonwealth of the Northern
Marianas (CNMI), the self-governing US Territory north of Guam
which became part of the United States by plebiscite when
Gerald Ford was President, having been part of the Trust Territory
of the Pacific Islands since 1947. The Trust Territory was
abolished in the early 1990s when the Marshall Islands,
Micronesia and Palau (Belau) became independent nations
in defense-agreement and financial association with the
United States.
The island of Rota, and other islands in the Marianas
have been subjected to environmental damage which
is best handled by a revived government of the
people, by the people and for the people of the
Northern Marianas - after all, they are fully
included in We, the people of the United States...

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