Hold an emergency special election

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. The DNC cheated the American people out of a Bernie Sanders nomination, and ultimately out of a Bernie Sanders presidency. By our birthright we are supposed to live in a democracy. We do not live in a democracy. This was not a fair election, so the results cannot stand. All the great men and women who have sacrificed their lives to ensure that we have a democracy, and enjoy the freedoms we currently have all rolling in their graves. All the men and women who have served in our armed forces to protect our lives and liberties are no doubt outraged at the hypocrisy of our 2 party establishment parties. The majority of this country do not want Donald Trump to be president. He would be an epic disaster at a time when our country needs real leadership. He is ignorant and lies pathologically. He is a classic tyrant. With a Trump administration we will not tackle Climate Change, wealth inequality; gun safety, Wall St. corruption, a corrupt campaign finance system, we won't tackle our health care problems, we won't take care of our veterans properly, and, in all likelihood, we will find ourself embroiled in more war.  I propose we hold a special emergency election between Bernie Sanders (the rightful winner of the Democratic primary elections) and Donald Trump. The democratic party and the media colluded to cheat the people out of Bernie Sanders nomination. I don't think we should be a country of people that simply accepts that we got cheated. Let's not take it lying down. I'm sure that Donald Trump would love to get a chance to show that he is indeed beloved by the people, and would trounce Mr. Sanders in a one-on-one, winner-take-all straight up election. This is OUR country; all of us. Do we want Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders? Let The People decide.