We The People of South Carolina Against the False Teaching of Islam in Our Schools

 WE THE PEOPLE of South Carolina are petitioning our Governor, Legislators in SC and our State Board of Education and Superintendent of SC Education to change the SC Social Studies Standards by adding the following language in a legislative bill as well as in the instructions given to our SC teachers when teaching Social Studies lessons on World Religions:

1. The SC State Board of Education shall not include religious doctrine in any curriculum standards for grades prior to grades 10 through 12
2. The SC State Board shall provide curriculum standards in Social Studies for grades 10 through 12 that teach comparative religion only as it relates to history or geography, but no religion shall be emphasized or focused on over another religion.
3. The SC State Board of Education shall ensure that the Social Studies standards in grades Kindergarten through 9th grade does not amount to teaching any form of religious doctrine to the students.

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  • South Carolina Governor
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    John Courson

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