Remember the Indian culture..

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Its a matter of growing concern that now a days we are forgetting our Culture.

There are many such aspects. Earlier we used to celebrate our festival in traditional way but now a days due to commercialization we are forgetting its real significance. 

Ganpati festival was started by Lokmanya Tilak so that everyone might come together to share sweets as  well as their views ....but today without consideration of all this we use big big dolbies ...the only reason behind it is amusement and publicity in a specific region (Politics). 

The other festival is Dahi Handi ..we used to celebrate it for lord Krisha but now a days as the height of the ladder increases the prize amount also increases. This leads to hazardous accidents... The dolbies lead to Hearing problem for our grandparents.

Apart from all this we say our India is a known for her Cultural ...But we also observe a man kills his mother with an axe only for the sake of money. 

We also see a helpless man just because he doesn't have money has to take his wife's dead body in his hand to the graveyard. And no Indian helps him.

There are many such things which should be taken in note.

Let us play a role and take our mother India to her original identity.