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"India" making towards "A Corruption free country".

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10 Points to make India, A corruption free country.

These are the ideas of my own, to be proposed.

1. Population control by adhering to one child policy.

2. Make education through out the country free, up to the under graduate studies. Just cancel the quota allocation at least for the basic schoolings and undergraduate.

3. All the educational institutions should bring under government scanner and make sure they don’t run a financial institution instead,

4. Basic qualification for contesting in election should be an under graduate with good academic record. (Correspondent or postal should not be treated as the qualification)

5. Restructure the police department. No more constables->head constable->sub inspector->inspector structure. Basic qualification for the police department should be an Under Graduate with a specialization designed for the social welfare, Make sure the police department and vigilance act separately, under the IPS or IAS committee, which would be setup to look over it. No political leaders should allow manipulating the persons in the committee for their own interest. Strictly no caste quota should allow.

6. Every manufacturer and importers should be in surveillance under the Maximum retail price committee, A new committee which scrutinize the MRP price, they print in the product and production cost. This will avoid the price rigging game played by the retailers and manufacturers. So the inflation is under control.

7. Make stringent laws for corruption, minimum punishment to get dismissed from job, canceling Ration Cards, passport, no pension, no provident fund will be distributed for them and if any caste quota or scholarship for there children’s, just scrap that too, no more government jobs for their children’s and maximum punishment, up to death sentences, if their corruption yield to a innocence’s death or country’s security issue..(No more government benefits should be provided to them.)

8. The important thing is, select only the educated and right candidate for the government job, instead of taking non-qualified persons through caste quota and political recommendations.(You may experienced, the under qualification issues in police station and bsnl office.)

9. Make one local language and one National Language Mandatory to learn, to acquire a basic graduation, through out the nation, all the students should know the local and National language to get qualified for the graduation. (Personally saying, most of our citizens doesn’t understand what our prime minister and president is saying during the independent day speech, I feel so bad about it, and started to learn Hindi now)

10. I must list this point as first one but, I need to make you all, get a feel of wondering, how, all the above points would be possible to implement. 

So here is the answer, when all the one billion and 9 crore people started to vote responsibly, without any religion, caste and personal barriers.

I understand, you may now wonder how the 10th point is possible. So I need to ask you one question.

Have you ever voted with responsibility and without any religion, caste and personal barriers?

If yes, we almost succeeded to implement the above 9 points, just away of one billion, 8 crore, 99 lakhs, 99 thousands , 9 hundred and 99 people left to get awareness about their voting responsibility.

To make it happen fast,
Just do awareness about this; to the people you move around, your society, it makes the whole difference.

Let’s join to make new India.
Jai Hind.

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