Immediate death penalty for rapist

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What was the mistake of 2n half year old little girl.

She was screaming , she was crying,she fought till her last breath ,but Alasss!!! It did not had a pinch of effect on the culprit.At last she died.Is this the safe place we are offering to our girl child?

As we live in independent India, so does my thinking capacity burst out when I see such news flashing on television that a 2 n half year old little girl got rapped and found dead.

These headlines just blow my mind away.But don't you people think that if we had a policy or a strict rule or punishment for the rappist like that in other country i.e immediate death penality?

Yes, of course why not ?

What was the fault of that little girl, who just started walking and talking.Before she could know how the world is ? She was murdered with the hands of the people of the world.

Nirbhaya hathya kand.Still the case is going on no final decision.Insted of fighting for the baseless issue we should all stand together  and make an appeal for it.If the government really care for the people of india they will look in to the matter .Else you all know.

So it's an appeal to sign this petittion in huge number so that it can come in to the eye of the government and compel them to establish such punishment.

So,that people will not even think of commiting such deed!

Thank u....

Hum sharminda hai...Kuki katil abhi bhi zinda hai....