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Corporations have bought American politics. 94% of federal elections go to the candidate who spends the most. Through PACs--political action committees--corporations can funnel vast amounts of money into political campaigns, virtually ensuring wins for politicians who then owe those companies favors.

It's time that our American democracy work for the good of all of its people, rather than for wealthy corporations. Overturning the doctrine of corporate personhood is one step along the road to clean elections. Corporate personhood is the idea, which has been developed through U.S. Supreme Court decisions over the past century, that corporations are "people" and that money counts as speech. The way to kill this idea is to call for a constitutional amendment saying that corporations are not people and money is not speech. Many cities, including Los Angeles and New York City, have passed resolutions calling for such an amendment. It's time for Houston City Council to do the same.

Letter to
Mayor of Houston Annise Parker
Houston City Council, At Large 3 Melissa Noriega
Houston City Council, At Large 4 C.O. "Brad" Bradford
and 3 others
Houston City Council, At Large 5 Jack Christie
Houston City Council, At Large 1 Stephen C. Costello
Houston City Council, At Large 2 Andrew C. Burks, Jr
I just signed the following petition addressed to: City of Houston.

Pass a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment

Mayor Parker,

Democracy at the federal level has been hijacked by campaign contributions. The process that allows this to happen has been bolstered by the United States Supreme Court in such a way that is virtually unassailable, except via a constitutional amendment.

We, the citizens of Houston, TX, ask that you lead Houston City Council to pass a constitutional amendment asserting that corporations are not people and money is not speech. Houston should join Los Angeles, New York City, and other cities around the nation in their efforts to take back American democracy for the good of all Americans.


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