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We the people have lost confidence in Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. One of the most unnerving reason is no doubt Immigration and we the people lack faith and trust in the prime minister's ability to keep us safe, secure and free. With all that is happening around the world (mostly in liberal governed countries) with refugee immigration policies, it is unsettling that Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet are not paying attention to we the people who have strong feelings against admitting refugees especially those from countries who wish to harm our way of life, change our laws and have no desire to assimilate to our culture.


There have been many instances of vicious sexual assaults against young women in our country by groups of immigrants who don't respect women, who believe in sharia law, detest gays and lesbians, they hate christians, jews and all religions other than their own. Our country was founded on Christian principles which helped shaped our culture, our way of life and our most fundamental right our freedom of speech or our right to speak.

Many of the crimes mentioned have been committed by refugees from certain middle east countries, much of which garnered very little attention by the mainstream media; this may be because the government would have to admit to we the people their immigration policies are failing. This is something no government wants to do is to go in front of the people and admit they are wrong.  So instead of admitting the truth they keep bringing in refugees by the hundreds of thousands. What about Canadians first for a change? There are so many Canadians strugging to make ends meet, who have lost their homes, in some instances are homeless, who have lost their jobs, and their EI has run out and if you can believe it, some Canadian citizens denied welfare assistance. Yet they have millions of dollars to bring in and support refugees for minimum a year or more if they go to school, pay for their new home, furniture, they actually get cash as well and free university/college/schooling all on our dime, the taxpayers. We the people find it hard to believe that the Prime Minister cannot see the outrage and disappointment in this country, especially with so many Canadians hurting. Maybe he just doesn't care because he thinks by bringing in refugees/immigrants that will be the only way to secure re-election in 2019, because we can pretty much say I highly doubt he will be re-elected for a 2nd term, especially without refugee/immigrant voters.

Another reason for loss of confidence is the CARBON TAX.

Isn't it hypocritical to implement this tax and then approve the keystone pipeline.  I am not against the pipeline as it will employ quite a few people here in Alberta but this tax seems contradictory now more than ever. 

This useless tax was forcefully implemented on non-native canadians and non-native canadian businesses. Natives are exempt as well as native businesses. We don't agree with that; as native people, do like every other Canadian, emit C02 into the atmosphere, so they need to pay their fair share. This exemption of native peoples and businesses poses the question - will the native population and businesses qualify for this rebate? We the people are having a hard time wrapping our heads around what we believe to be a RACIST TAX 

On top of that, through our taxes; we the people pay most refugees up to 42,000/year, more than double, sometimes more than triple what a canadian citizen receives. To kick us, further in the teeth there is no doubt we pay for all the refugees carbon emissions as well, therefore poses the same question will receive this carbon tax rebate?

Native/Indigenous entitlements is one thing, they were born here; refugee entitlements is quite another.

We the people believe Canada has shown enough compassion and charity throughout the world, more than most countries and it's time to say enough is enough and show some compassion to Canadian citizens for a change.

There was very little discussion with Canadian citizens regarding climate change and the little discussion they did share was biased and one-sided. Then upon Prime Minister Trudeau's return from Paris, with all the global elitists, he and his cabinet arbitrarily instituted the "carbon tax". It doesn't make sense, half the country is paying it and the other half is fighting against it.

There have been reports in the media recently that NOAA  (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) rigged their reporting to show their agenda of man-made global warming/climate change. There was a period of years where the temperature of the oceans did not show an increase, but that narriative didn't fit into NOAA'S agenda, therefore failed to report accurate scientific data. All this carbon tax has accomplished is to make millionaires into billionaires by this corrupt agenda. As evidenced in people such as Al Gore, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jane Fonda, George Soros and other global elitists who all happen to emit tons of fuel into the atmosphere flying around in their private jets pushing this b***s**t narriative, including our PM who flies everywhere he goes even if it's an hour's drive while his motorcade will drive there to pick him up. That sure sounds and looks like someone who really cares about the planet.

Below are just two of the news articles regarding global warming/climate change.

1. NOAA Whistleblower Claims World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data 

2. Former NOAA Scientist (Dr. John Bates) Confirms Colleagues Manipulated Climate Record.

Global warming and climate change have been going on for as long as this planet has been around for some 4.3 billion years and so with the uncertainty in the validity of NOAA and their reports, this tax should be scraped. It's nothing but a hardship on Canadians and really what is the use if our American neighbors don't implement it. We the people would like to know where all these billions of dollars are going and what is it being used for other than paying wages and making a select few people richer. Just how is this money they're collecting really going to save the planet?

A) There is information coming to light the last few days regarding abortions! The majority of we the people agree in one's right  of "freedom of choice".
If your choice is to terminate your pregnancy then you should pay for it yourself. Far too many feminists/women use "abortion* as a form of birth control. There are other ways to prevent pregnancy! We the people ask that our tax dollars, not in any way, fund abortions except in the cases where it's
     1) Mother's health/life in danger
     2) Rape.
B) In regards to the PM announcing his intent to donate our tax dollars to other countries for the expressed use of performing abortions is inhumane when we the people, Canadian Citizens are hurting, hungry and homeless. A novel idea would be to take care of your own before taking caring of others.
C) In regards to M103 freedom of speech laws to restrict our freedom to speak; if being upset at the fact that a refugee religious minority group receives special provisions or some sort of status from the government in our country, where the majority religion is christian, then yes, call We the People racist.

Thank you for reading and signing my petition on behalf of "We the people of Canada" and I look forward to reading your comments and/or suggestions to improve or enhance this message "Loss of confidence in our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau", please leave any comments in the "why I signed the petition". I look forward to delivering this petition to the Governor General of Canada  

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