Is the dog’s life more worth than a person a child ? I guess yes, its INDIA...

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The problem is not only mine but it is the problem faced by entire Nation..

When certain stray dogs bite humans, they infect those people with rabies, a viral disease that causes acute inflammation of the brain. Each year, more than 15 million people are treated with a post-bite rabies vaccination, while 55,000 people die of rabies. 95% of rabies cases occur in Asia and Africa, and 99% of rabies transmissions to humans are caused by dogs.

Families have lost their loved ones in past many years, children are scared to play freely in gardens in townships, elder citizens are scared to take walks... 

stray dogs is a big problem of today, if we don’t stand as one against it now, it will be too late.

Politicians who have made rules nad regulations in favour of stary dogs don’t step down from their luxurious cars unguarded, how can they possibly know what problem a normal citizen is facing..