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Our Constitution is outdated. And as we are seeing now, so much so, we are losing our Power as "We The People." This is our country and this petition is to finally make us heard, and to finally move forward in growth and unity. We're tired of voting and it not counting. Tired of our children fighting wars, for power grabs, only to have to repeat it again generations down the road. We want change! Right now is the pinnacle and ultimate turning point of the next century or more of our country. Never again in history will we see potential for World War, Civil War and equality issues of this magnitude. Trump has awakened demons that has some countries posturing and have others so riled up, they're threatening more attacks and war. Hopefully with your help, we won't and most importantly our children won't have to deal with these same issues. We The People are tired of the delay in our government to change outdated issues. We The People demand to be heard. Not by some millionaires, billionaires or corrupt officials, who are more loyal to a political party or self, than actual citizens. You want your jobs back? You want equality? You NEED your voice heard! We The People want our voice to count and we amend this:

*Deny Donald Trump the presidency. As he was not chosen by the people, but instead a small faction, who did not recognize the 2.9 million votes against him. Every vote counts

*Abolish the Electoral College. Electoral college has no greater stance than the American people. In the event of a tie, then we can call on a group. Every vote counts.

*Remove gerrymandering and redistricting.  This promotes further division and racism, as our voices are buried and combined with the "majority". Every vote counts.

*Individuals who have had a celebrity career, cannot run for any government office, whether it be local, state or federal. Due to lack of governmental knowledge and workings.

*Individual considered millionaires or above, cannot hold any government office, be it federal, state or local, due to conflict of interests between business earnings and law.

*All laws created with religious views are to be removed (exp. right to discrimination based on beliefs) As we are supposed to be a country with no established religion.

*Keep Obamacare. We have to work 2-3 jobs on average, just to keep a roof over our heads. Making health insurance affordable to everyone, gives us the ability to keep those 2-3 jobs.

*Equal pay for women and minorities if their education, effort, and loyalty are the same or greater than a male.

*Local, State, and Federal governments cannot use their own moral code to make laws, limiting citizen's freedoms, with the exception of decisions protecting animals and children (excluding a woman's right to privacy and/or abortion).

*Americans are entitled to total privacy unless the specific individual raises suspicion, the the government may have probable cause.

*The president cannot go to war without the okay from Congress. Any president who does not go through the chain of command will face immediate impeachment and withdrawal of troops.

*Hate groups and paraphernalia are not covered by the free speech amendment. As they insight violence and further division among Americans. All groups and paraphernalia are to be disbanded and destroyed. Anyone caught will face a minimum of five years in the federal penitentiary and labeled a domestic terrorist.

*Anyone affiliated with any hate group or extremists are to be considered a terrorist and ineligible for any government office.

*Equal rights amendment to be signed into law.

 *Make it illegal for corporations to own news outlets.

*Make it illegal to have push polls at voting times

*Equal punishment for laws broken, despite social status. 

*As the government is created for the people and by the people we also demand complete transparency. The government should not make its citizens feel like its the enemy.

*Make it illegal for American companies to bank outside of the US and to place a limit on outsourcing.

*Abolish political parties, as they create more loyalty to disagree or battle one another rather than the advancement of the US.

*Allow unions with no opposition or cuts.

*Keep funding for State funded and mandated programs.

*Make GMOs illegal in America, whether imported or local.

*Develop more effective environmental practices and laws for both companies and consumers.

*Tax the 1% the correct percentage.

*Reestablish American Companies in America.

*Legalize Marijuana in all states at all levels.

*Have all states review and update their laws.

*Equal rights for fathers and mothers after separation, unless proven the child has been neglected, or abused.

*Pre-existing conditions or conditions scientifically known to be a direct cause of the source of employment or volunteer work, be covered by insurance.

*All implied laws and freedoms of the Constitution be clearly stated and followed by all levels of government.

*Spanish be recognized as a second language of the United States.

*Make discrimination illegal based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, creed and status.

*Assault weapons be made illegal except for law enforcement.

*State issued psych evaluations to purchase any firearm.

You may not agree with all of these points, but you do agree with one or more. All of these points are the arguments and demands of people who want a solution not an empty promise. Keep these points alive, and fight, through petition, votes, and boycotts. It is the way of America to be and have what we couldn't have or be before.

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