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Get the Fed's OFF of States' Cannabis Rights!!!

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The U.S. Federal Govt.  has NO U.S. Constitutional right to regulate the  industry of hemp (and its flower cannabis); in fact, our Founding Fathers were hemp activists and had the foresight to suggest we make this our primary industry!  If we are going to clean up the legal contradictions that just 3 corrupt men, out to line their pockets with money, imposed on us in the 1930's, we should start doing so at the STATES level!  The U.S. Constitution MANDATES that any powers not SPECIFICALLY DESIGNATED to the Federal Govt. are STATES' RIGHTS issues!

The H.H.S. (Health and Human Services) and D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Agency) have PROVEN to not be acting in good faith by scheduling Marinol, i.e. the SYNTHETIC form of THC, on Schedule 3 of the "Controlled Substances Act," implying that Marinol is safe and of medicinal use, while they place the NATURAL CANNABIS FROM WHICH THC/MARINOL IS EXTRACTED, on Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, implying that the natural source has NO medicinal value and more risk of addiction than its synthesized form!  This is a contradiction, a clear lie, clear proof of not acting in good faith.  Furthermore, The Controlled Substances Act was nothing more than a response by a sore loser, i.e. Harry Anslinger, author of "The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937," to his "Marijuana Tax Act" being declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL in the 1969 Timothy Leary case! 

Hemp/Cannabis have proven for thousands of years, and in every modern times' assessent, to be of extreme value, both industrially and medicinally.  It is the ONLY SUSTAINABLE source of paper (and not requiring pesticides); it is a source of CLEAN fuel; it is a superior quality fiber; and it is a commonly valued medicine that has proven in study after study to reverse most kinds of cancer, is the healthiest analgesic available; it provides relief from nausea to cancer patients; it's a healthy food high in omega 3'd for nervous system and cardio health..... etc.  Even inquiries that set out to try to find something wrong with it (Nixon's Shaffer Committee, Conservative Judge Francis Young/DEA Administrative Law Judge in 1988...etc.) concluded that cannabis is both valuable and 100% safe, and that no govt. has any right to stifle anyone's use of it via any laws, as doing so would merely encumber "We the People's" RIGHT to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!"

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