We the people, demand that Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota, resign immediately in shame.

We the people, demand that Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota, resign immediately in shame.

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He lied to senior Command Sergeants Major of the Minnesota National Guard, telling them, "don't worry I'm going", when his unit was ordered to prepare for war in Iraq. All the while he was secretly working on a backdoor deal to quit even though he and his unit were under stop loss.

He lied to the voters of Minnesota's 1st District about his retired rank and military service record for political gain, misleading many of them to vote for him on his false military record, securing him a seat in the House of Representatives in an illegitimate election.

He wasted thousands of dollars of hard-earned tax payer dollars by dropping out of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy; waste, fraud, and abuse.

Just days before the 2006 election, he lied for political gain to the Winona Daily News, that he reenlisted for four years after 9/11, retiring before his battalion was deployed to Iraq, when he actually reenlisted for six years.

He continued to live the lie during his time in congress and subsequent elections, getting reelected in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016. Thus, making all those elections illegitimate as the voters of Minnesota were duped into believing he was something and somebody he was not.

He lied and continues to lie in his campaigns and campaign literature, stating that when  he retired he was the highest-ranking enlisted National Guard Soldier in southern Minnesota, when the 2-135th Infantry based out of Mankato had an actual real Command Sergeant Major serving at the time.

He showed no integrity when he allowed his retirement paperwork to show that he retired as a Command Sergeant Major, rather than a First Sergeant of Master Sergeant. He showed no honesty when he made the Minnesota National Guard find the mistake themselves and correct it months later.

He and his campaign staff fed lies to the Star Tribune for their article in October 2018 for political gain, stating he served with his National Guard battalion in Italy in support of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, when the 173rd Airborne Brigade was actually in Iraq.

He and his campaign staff fed lies to MPR News for an article in the fall of 2018 for political gain, that made it look to the unsuspecting public that it was just merely time to retire, when the article states that he was cleared by the medical retention board in 2002 to finish the remainder of his six-year enlistment, which would have ended in September of 2007.

He abused his position of influence and power as our 1st District Representative, sending a fake letter about a fake constituent to the Public Utilities Commission, requesting that they approve a permit for a wind turbine farm, while he lined and continues to line his pockets with cash from the wind turbine industry special interest group.

He continued the lies about his rank and military service record for political gain, during his 2018 campaign for governor, getting elected in an illegitimate election again.

He belittled the citizens of greater Minnesota, saying all that is out there is Rocks & Cows, trying to humiliate rural folks at a metro campaign fundraiser. All the while lying in his campaign rhetoric of "One Minnesota."

He abused his position as the Governor of Minnesota, selecting Minnesota's Largest Candy Store as an essential business, only because he knew the owners and had a backdoor meeting to allow them to stay open, as thousands of other businesses were forced to remain closed due to his inept Covid-19 policies.

His "follow the New York governor" Covid-19 policies resulted in many unneeded deaths of our elderly loved ones in nursing homes, and unnecessarily affected the mental health of those that did survive and their families and loved ones.

His dictatorial rule concerning school closures and mask mandates will horribly affect our children for years.

He allowed the George Floyd protests to turn into the Tim Walz riots due to his pathetic leadership and inaction, resulting in at least $500 million in damages to the property of Minnesota citizens, and $1 to $2 billion in damages across this great country of ours.

Due to his failed leadership, he did not immediately activate the Minnesota National Guard, which is always ready, to protect the citizens of Minneapolis, their property, and the protestors themselves.

He disparaged the Minnesota National Guard, calling them a bunch of 19-year-old cooks, hurting moral and readiness, when in reality a large percentage of the great state of Minnesota's service members are combat hardened individuals.

He allowed his daughter to leak information to the enemy rioting mob concerning the ability of the Minnesota National Guard to be activated promptly, allowing the rioters to attack, loot, and burn the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct, giving the enemy rioting mob the momentum to loot and burn more of our beloved Twin Cities.

He allows crime to run rampant, not concerned about the safety and well-being of the citizens he is supposed to serve.

He continues to abuse his position of influence and power attempting to buy votes of the post 9/11 servicemembers, using hard earned tax payer money, while throwing our Vietnam veterans and veterans of other conflicts under the bus.

He continues to play games with Minnesota's voters, denying timely debates broadcast across the state so voters can make a sound decision, only to try and hold on to his illegitimate claim to the office of Governor and the influence and power it holds, which he does not deserve.

He needs to resign or be voted out, to prevent him from ruining our great state of Minnesota any further. If he remains governor, we will have four more years of lies, deceit, and tyranny. 




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