"We The People" Demand Swift Action.

"We The People" Demand Swift Action.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Adelaide Paul

Many of our people at home and abroad have already voiced their condemnation of the odious action by the Roosevelt Regime to establish diplomatic relations with the Syrian dictatorship.

The Syrian dictatorship has killed half a million of its own citizens and has even used chemical weapons against its people. Despite that barbarous conduct, Dominica’s United Nations Ambassador Loreen Bannis Roberts proceeded to establish relations with Syria on March 7, 2022.

Dominica established relations with Syria at a time of great peril to world peace as that nation has supported Russia in its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

Reeling from the huge outcry from Dominicans at home and abroad Prime Minister Skerrit said Loreen Bannis Roberts had acted without his knowledge. Skerrit moved to “suspend relations with Syria indefinitely“ instead of terminating relations immediately. 

The Syrian diplomatic relations scandal is yet another example of rogue conduct by the Government of Dominica, led by Prime Minister Skerrit. Prior, the regime led by Skerrit had been caught red handed on numerous occasions placing diplomatic passports in the hands of crooks and criminals such as the Iranian sanctions buster and spy Ali Reza Monfared; Chinese money launderer Ng Lap Seng, and Nigerian embezzler former oil minister Diezani Allison-Madueke - to name a few. With such a sordid record of diplomatic scandals, we doubt the Prime Minister's protestations of ignorance in the Syrian matter.


1. Loreen Bannis Roberts' immediate termination for gross negligence in establishing diplomatic relations without the consent of the Government of Dominica. Further, that her credentials with the United Nations Secretary General be withdrawn without further delay.

2. That Foreign Affairs Minister Kenneth Darroux be fired for gross incompetence in allowing such relations to be established and only found it fit to address the scandal after it had been in the public domain for several days.

3. That Prime Minister Skerrit resigns due to his repeated failures in allowing Dominica’s good name to be tarnished by repeated diplomatic scandals by way of the appointment of foreign criminals as diplomats and his latest alliance with Syria.

Today our country is in need of honest, trustworthy, transparent and accountable governance. The continuance of such lawless governance is a threat to international security, a stain on our good name, places all Dominicans who travel the globe in jeopardy and is not in the public interest.

A “People” who do not stand up for the dignity and best interest of their nation is unworthy. Nations where citizens fail to embrace their civic and patriotic duties are doomed to failure.  

SIGN OUR PETITION today and tell the Roosevelt Skerrit led Government of Dominica to:

1. Immediately terminate UN Ambassador Loreen Bannis Roberts now, and withdraw her credentials to the United Nations immediately, and not on May 31st, 2022.

2. Terminate Foreign Affairs Minister Kenneth Darroux forthwith.

3. Appoint a commission of inquiry comprised of impartial retired civil service professionals and retired Dominican jurists to investigate the Syrian diplomatic relations scandal, and other scandalous appointments of foreign crooks who were given Dominica diplomatic passports by the Skerrit administration.

4. Demand that the Prime Minister Skerrit resigns where he fails to act as requested.

SIGN OUR PETITION TODAY and tell the Roosevelt Skerrit led Government of Dominica that we deserve better!

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD and let's start transforming Dominica into the law abiding, honest, just, progressive and prosperous nation that benefits ALL OF US!




134 have signed. Let’s get to 200!