Building A Better America

Building A Better America

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With politicians being typical politicians with endless debates, the U.S. deficit grows more enormous.

What if we can begin to reduce the deficit while rebuilding the country?

Together we can form a better recovery plan for the country.

                                     Building a Better America.

This proposal will create one of the greatest stimulus plans in America's history.

The proposal is for each State, the District of Columbia, and the five inhabited U.S. territories to receive 1 trillion dollars.

The funds will be granted as a Line of Credit at an interest rate of 1% above the Federal Reserve rate.

The funds will be released by each State and Territory to businesses and individuals as recoverable grants with a 40-year term and no prepayment penalty at the below interest rates.

2% interest for local governments.
3% interest for small businesses/households.
4% interest for medium and large businesses.

The States and Territories will release the funds as recoverable grants grouped into four buckets:

35% for small businesses / households.
25% for renewable energy / climate change.                                          20% for medium businesses.
20% for large businesses.



No funds or interest from the funds should be used to create, operate or maintain the penal system nor weapons of mass destruction related projects.

By separating the funds into four buckets, the intent is to limit companies from double dipping for the sole purpose of growing their business.                                                                            

By dividing the funds evenly across each bank and credit union does three things:                              

Prevent fraud.

Prevent political favoritism.

Nullify the banks' loss of revenue.                                                               (by the interest earned Administering the funds for the States). 


The Intended Results:

• To begin to finally pay down the national debt.

• To create virtually unlimited revenue for the States and Territories.

               All without raising taxes.


By allocating the funds as recoverable grants it does three things:

  • It eliminates the decades of Red-Lining by financial institutions.
  • It eliminates the lack of funding diversification and discrimination by the Small Business Administration and other similar agencies.
  • Recoverable Grants makes funding more streamlined for quality projects generating revenue for the States and Territories.

With this proposal, each State and Territory can stimulate the creation of new businesses with the recoverable grants. With the interest earned each State can create and manage its own infrastructure plan without the need to raise tax dollars or a long-drawn-out political battle.

By the Federal Reserve issuing the funds to each State and Territory as a Line of Credit, the funds can be made available as needed whether for a natural disaster or pandemic. The Government will be will be financially sound for all of its needs without having tax payers bearing the burden of financing America and the world. 

Whether we use the funds for education, business, or a home, we believe this is a permanent fix for Building a Better America.

This is the start of a conversation that should wake our politicians from their ridiculous political party banter and let them know "We The People" will shape our own plan of Building a Better America.


What's needed is for each person to get involved by doing two things:

  • Share this petition with 10 people or organizations.
  • Contact your politicians to let them know we have a plan for Building a Better America.


Options to contact your politician:

Contact Your Representatives


We understand these are hard times.    If you can assist us with $1 it will greatly help us to promote this campaign to as many Americans as possible.

Our goal is to reach 1 million residents of each state and 25% of the residents from each territory and the least populated States to sign the petition.   Get Involved Now


We are Grow Vertical and appreciate you reviewing our campaign. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!