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Boycott Wall Street Journal

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The great Dark Age of Youtube is now here and if you're a regular youtuber who job is making videos for Youtube, you're someone in great trouble.


Basically you probably are aware that advertisers have pulled their ads off from Youtube because of "OMG racist videos!" and the massive pandering of the Wall Street Journal towards family friendly content whereas the person in Wall Street Journal who wrote an article against Pewdiepie's Anti-Semitic jokes is a massive hypocrite, that being him posting jokes about Jews.Because of that, WSJ possibly have contacted other sources for removing ads from youtube by making them believe it's the worst platform for it.

TRUST ME, if I have ever bought anything online, it's because some ad popped up on youtube notifying me of it so it's a very good target for 18+ or even under 18 audience because they'll after all buy something that suits their needs and that's how Google advertisements work!They know our browsing history on our Google accounts!


From a consumer standpoint, I could have said that I'm enjoying watching videos without 30 second advertisements but honestly, even I think it's injustice against creators who provide videos for our recreation and to see smaller youtubers going down badly in ad revenues is indeed sad.

Personally, I haven't seen one single advert since the day this happened.At this time of crisis, do consider removing your Adblock.


Absolutely terrifying nightmare.

You can only understand it when your wage drops to one fifth of what it was.

Taking in consideration, BionicPIG.He's a small youtuber with a dedicated fanbase who primarily makes videos and has a family to run.He has already started looking for jobs because he can't live on this amount of money and in a town like his, you'll have to resort to being homeless otherwise.


In times like this, you can only support your favorite channels by buying their merchandise and/or music they put up on ITunes/Spotify/whatever.


Since it's obvious that the Wall Street Journal is behind all this because you know their revenues have been dropping.Who really cares to read their shite anymore?We can get our information from reliable sources and we don't need your BS.


1.Stop buying their newspaper or visiting their clickbait online links!It's obvious!


2.Boycott anything they publish altogether.If your family buys their newspapers or anything, let them know that they can get their required daily dose of news from other newspapers too and there are online sources.

Hideous bastards should be treated the way they are.If you agree, do sign this petition so that many more people can see this and realize what's wrong with the WSJ.



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