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Ending the undemocratic partition of Ireland, because

"Ireland, too, has the right to be one Nation                                                              under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." 

Human Rights, Equality, Justice, and Reconciliation for the island of Ireland (all precious  32 Counties), based on non-violence, non-discrimination, solidarity, and mutual respect.

This Petition is consistent with the Good Friday Agreement and reflects the spirit of The Beloved Community, as taught by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. And, furthermore, national self-determination is a fundamental American principle and is the right of every Nation.

Moreover, there is no constituency in the United States that advocates for a divided, partitioned Ireland. A free, United Ireland is the dream and prayer of Irish-Americans, of which there are over 30 million. Remember, also, that the undemocratic Partition of Ireland was only unilaterally imposed by England (we can hardly blame Wales or Scotland) in 1920— without one Irish vote.

Please sign this petition and urge your Members of the United States Congress, House and Senate, to publicly endorse the spirit of this Irish National Caucus petition. All 100 Members of the U.S. Senate and all 435 Members of the House of Representatives have already received our letter urging them to "stand in solidarity with us and publicly support this Petition." 

God bless America, and God save Ireland.