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I want my son home.

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I just want my son back. He has been in an out of home safety plan for over a year now and Cullman County DHR/CPS just continues to do me and anyone else how they please as long as they continue to get paychecks off of our children because that's exactly what they are using my 3 year old son as A PAYCHECK. I was in a car wreck back last February and was rushed to the emergency room. My son was not with me he was safely with my mother at her house yes I tested positive for multiple substance's but I was legitimately drugged beings how I was working as an adult entertainer at the time. I was a legal adult entertainer and did my work the legal way it never stopped me from my motherly duties nor did I slack as a mother and taking care of my son. I have passed every urine drug screen, every hair follicle test they have given me, and got my own place to live with a room for my son. I have had my place since last June. I have done and completed parenting classes, I have done and completed one on one sessions addressing my substance abuse and anxiety issues, I have completed a substance abuse assessment, and passed random drug screens. I miscarried my second child back last November because two Dhr workers came to my home and harassed me for an hour and thirty minutes I denied a urine test because they had me emotionally distraught by threatening to pick my son up from where he was staying and said they was going to place him with the state. I have medical records from the day I miscarried proving I was clean of all illegal substances. I want my son back I have proved very hard that I love and need and want my son DHR STOP MAKING EXCUSES AS TO WHY I CAN'T HAVE HIM HOME WHERE HE SHOULD BE. Please help me and my son James we're tired of suffering going to the director over the building or supervisors or even the state department in Montgomery does NO GOOD AT ALL if you are tired of suffering do something to help make a change so it stops the corrupt state facilities from tearing another loving family apart.

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